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The Adventurous Side of a Leprechaun

During this strange time in our history, we need to still believe in dreams and that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I hope everyone stays safe and has a happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy my story.

Once upon a time, there is a field of four leaf clovers called the The Magic of Dreams. In the sky there is a double rainbow with bright colors, the sun shining down on sparkling gold coins.

There are four happy leprechauns dancing and singing to their favorite Irish songs. They love taking risks and challenging themselves. "Let's go through the woods while experiencing some bonding activities," said one of the leprechauns. His friend chimes in, "We should go camping, hiking, and canoeing. Let;s go on an adventure to find the pot at the end of the rainbow." Everybody cheered excitedly.

The leprechauns rushed to the woods, they huddled together and took out their compasses to search for a place to sleep.

They walked until they got tired. It was nighttime. There was a big tree near by so they climbed and all fell asleep. When they woke up the next morning, the leprechauns kept walking until they saw a lake. They built a campfire so they could have breakfast. While there, the leprechauns built a canoe and made oars so they could get to the other side of the lake and keep hiking toward the rainbow. The leprechauns paddled across the lake. When they arrived, they jumped out, put the canoe by a pile of rocks and started to climb the hill to the pot of gold. "Hard work pays off!"

After they climbed for two hours, they came across a cave. Inside the cave, there were four different trails with gold coins along the paths. Each leprechaun went down those paths while collecting the coins. At the end of each path there was a massive chamber room filled with lucky charms (not the cereal). When the leprechauns went into the room, they saw a treasure chest with the rainbow shining down on it. They opened the chest and found luck charms inside (not the cereal). Everybody said, "Finally we found the pot of gold!"

At the end , everybody made a wish to go back home to the Magic of Dreams!

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