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A Thanksgiving Story

Gobblers the turkey is making Thanksgiving dinner. His tiny pilgrim friends, Shortcake, Buttercup, and Chocolate come over to help (because they are the entertainment after dinner). First the tiny pilgrims set the table for dinner. After they finish, they read a scripture from the bible and say a little prayer. They sit down and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat until they are stuffed! When dinner is over they all go outside and sit around a campfire next to a tiny stage. The little pilgrims dance and sing around the stage until Gobblers falls off the log he was sitting on rolling with laughter. He gets back on his logs and claps his wings wildly. After the performance has ended each pilgrim looks for a stick in the woods while Gobblers goes inside to get the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. They all celebrated with s'mores. As it was late, they all were tired and so they decide to stay outside and camp. "Goodnight," said Gobblers to his friends. "Goodnight," said the tiny pilgrims.

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