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 Educational Consulting

Individualized program

A personalized consultation that guides families through their child's education

Our program starts by meeting with each individual family to better understand who they are and what goals they have for their child's education. We discuss short-term and long-term goals and talk through the perceived current state. Once we understand the goals for their child, we’ll use our  years of experience to help guide them in realizing the abilities, talents, and gifts their child already possess that impact their educational and life journey. 


How do we accomplish our goals?


  • Hold individualized meetings with families to understand goals

  • Join families for school meetings

  • Facilitate meetings with teachers and school administrators on behalf of the family

  • Analyze school data to better help families understand the school's goals and how to navigate the school system

We will start with an initial consultation to develop goals. Our team will then meet in-person with you based on individual needs and growth. Each plan is individualized. 

COST: $60/hour


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We will contact you to discuss details. 

Any other questions or comments please feel free to contact us at:
Phone: 240-566-6780
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