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Christmas Wonderland

Once upon a time...

it was a cold and starry night, the stars shining on the snow outside. Inside the log cabin, Santa was in the rocking chair by the fireplace checking his list to see who is naughty and who is nice. He checked twice. Mrs. Claus is in the kitchen cooking cinnamon apples with cut out cookies for dinner.

After dinner, Mrs. Claus sat next to Santa on the piano bench while they played some Christmas carols. All of a sudden, Mrs. Claus and Santa drifted into a deep sleep. Gumdrops dancing in their heads. They were dreaming of a Christmas Wonderland.

In the dream, Santa has a magic key to open a golden gate. Inside the gate there is a silver and gold castle with Christmas trees all around it, angels singing. Inside the castle there were gingerbread men, candy, toys, and reindeer dancing around to the "Nutcracker Suite" singing "Joy to the World." Everything was decorated and everyone was enjoying the dance party including the elves who were hard at work making the gifts for the party.

In the meantime, while everyone was at the castle, Santa and Mrs. Claus decided to go outside on the frozen lake and skate while the snowflakes fell. When they come back inside, they joined the party. Santa had too much hot cocoa and he was hyper for the rest of the night.

When Santa and Mrs. Claus woke up from their nap, They said to each other, "did you have the same dream as me?" The magic of their dream will always be remembered.

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