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Oh Happy Day! It's Easter!

I thought in this crazy time I needed to write a family story that doesn't have anything to do with what's happening in the world right now. So take the story for what it is and enjoy!

On a bright sunny day, with birds in the sky, there is a family that is having fun, laughing, and being happy. Everybody said, "Today is a great day for an Easter egg hunt!" So the family hid Easter eggs all over the field.

Meanwhile on the field near a lake there is a picnic blanket with a sweet and energetic baby boy named Easton. He is surrounded by bunnies, ducks, and carrots all around him. He jumped up when his family said, "Let's find some Easter eggs!" He and his family ran around the field laughing and hunting for eggs together knowing each egg had a surprise inside.

When Easton and his family all sat down for a picnic, Easton's dad was building a fire to cook the honey roasted ham and carrots. After the family ate, they all went through their Easter baskets looking for the best surprise. Easton's Nana had to have this image for all time and eternity. She turned to the group and shouted, "Let's get together and take a family photo! Say cheese!"

Making memories together on Easter is a beautiful thing to do. It's even better when the whole family is able to be together.

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