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Not Your Typical Halloween Story

It was a dreary, spooky night with a full moon in the sky. There was a eerie sound coming up the stone driveway leading up to a haunted mansion.

The wind blows, the door opens and inside the house there are lights flickering and cobwebs everywhere. In the living room lies a magical music box on the sofa table. Out of nowhere, someone opens the music box and spells come pouring out. When the box opens, everything in room starts talking.

The whole house has come to life! All of a sudden the rocking horse by the fireplace, the baby doll in the playpen with the other toys, the zombie in the art room doing crafts, the spider crawling on the ceiling come to life!

The spider crawls down the wall and builds a web. A bat flies overhead waking a ghost who was trying to sleep in the master bedroom. A black cat is stretching by the bed. A clown is in the laboratory playing with potions and trying to fix the music box so it can contain the magic it once had. The pumpkin with a chef's hat is making pies. They all start talking and having conversation with each other. The rocking horse and the baby doll talk about how to motivate and inspire one another. The rocking horse asks, "How are you motivated? Find your motivation. For me, I'm not afraid of taking risks and going after what I want." The baby doll adds, "I want to do speeches to show people it's okay to ask for help. I don't let anyone tell me I can't do something." "You are so inspiring!" says the rocking horse.

While in the art room the zombie is carving wooden Halloween decorations for the house while talking to himself. "How do I keep my attitude positive? I should listen to music while I work." He starts dancing to the music when all of a sudden he is distracted and hammers his hand by accident. "Ouch!" he says before his hand falls to the ground. As he scrambles to find his hand near the door, raises up and hits his head on the door knob. The spider says, "I can see everything that is going on. You have to live with the choices you have made. Those choices usually are related to things that keep us active and healthy."

Moving into the master bedroom, the bat is flying in and out of the room disturbing the cat and a ghost. Beside the bed, the cat says, "I like to stretch and do the splits." The ghost and bat start laughing hysterically. The cat goes on, "The kind of flexibility that's really important is the flexibility to change. I love to adapt to new and different or changing situations. My fur can change color if it wants to."

The bat began to going from room to room and saying, "Negativity? I ignore it. I stay away from the drama. I have the power to say no." He was saying it over and over again. The ghost became irritated, " Shut up! I'm trying to sleep. I'm not a morning person so it takes me some time to get up and get ready. I live with a routine that works for me." So.... the ghost is now up and flying toward the kitchen and sees the pumpkin making pies and singing to himself.

The pumpkin sees the ghost and screams! Flour and batter flying everywhere! "You scared me!", the pumpkin says. "I'm sorry. I was just looking and smelling all of these wonderful delicious pies you're making." The pumpkins replies, "I give my time talents and gifts. I share them with the people that I love."

The clown has two jobs. He works as a Su chef for the pumpkin and he also works in the laboratory in the garage fixing music boxes. The pumpkin calls to the clown to put the pies in the oven. "I'll be right there." Shortly after the pies were in the oven and the timer was set. "Now back to the laboratory." The clown has chemicals boiling in glass bottles so he can put the potions in a tiny compartment inside the box. The timer goes off for the pies and they're put on the table to cool. While the pies cool, the clown pours the last bit of potion into the music box.

The pumpkin calls everyone to the table to eat. While they eat, the clown makes an announcement, "Always strive to be your best. Don't try to be what others want you to be. We all make a difference and love learning new things. Afterwords, the clown goes back into the laboratory to get the music box, lays it on the center of the sofa table and says, "All the magic is restored." He gets the key, locks it and everything seems to go back to normal.

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