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Comfort During Our Pandemic

It's a very confusing, scary, and sad time. Be honest with your emotions and feelings. Share with someone that you trust. Make sure you are healthy both physically and mentally. Educate yourself on how to stay safe. It's an emotional roller-coaster ride. Together we can fight this. Keep a healthy routine everyday (wash your hands, shower, and sanitize).

Have the drive to keep moving forward. Always make time to speak up, keep a positive attitude, be smart with your choices, and don't listen to the negativity. When plans change , be flexible, join a virtual group with your family or friends. Connect through writing letters. Strive to be healthy and participate in an exercise or activity outside your comfort zone. Be daring enough to learn something new. Give your time and effort to give to others and show appreciation. We will come out of this better people. Believe.

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