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Great Life Unlimited is a consulting company that provides a positive meaningful message tailored to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families as well as the organizations that support them. 
Our mission is to help people find the unlimited possibilities that can be unlocked when they believe in themselves. We aim to inspire people to optimize their own abilities, talents and gifts to be  extraordinary people who live extraordinary lives.





Great Life Unlimited works with each individual family to help them to better understand the educational system and how to navigate it to the benefit of their child


Great Life Unlimited is available to speak to your group about how your life can be enriched through acceptance and open-mindedness. 


Great Life Unlimited offers one-on-one in-home training for individuals or small groups that provides programming best suited to your goals, lifestyle, and body.


Great Life Unlimited provides workshops for groups emphasizing ten key points which help people find the unlimited possibilities when they believe in themselves. 



Candace Whiting


Candace Whiting is a young woman with vision. "Great Life Unlimited" was broadened from "Candace Whiting Unlimited"  which was solely a public speaking business. The change expands Candace's ability to inspire and coach others with different-abilities.  Born with Down syndrome, she has extensive experience in speaking throughout the United States and is a decorated Special Olympian. Her goals are to be the voice for those without a strong voice and to mentor them to healthy and happy lifestyles.


Candace Whiting is on a mission to help people see the unlimited possibilities that can be achieved when they believe in themselves!

Steve Whiting

Steve, who is the father of Candace holds a degree in physical education from the University of Utah and a master's degree in educational administration from Johns Hopkins University. He is a retired career educator with experience in teaching and school administration. Steve is available to consult with families of school aged children (elementary through high school) to create better relationships with their school and school system. He also holds a personal training certificate from the American Council on Exercise and is offering personal fitness training for for people of all abilities who prefer to workout in their home. Steve manages the daily operations for Great Life Unlimited overseeing the professional career of Candace Whiting in addition to his consulting and training offerings.



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